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TOTO Commercial Products

toto commercial products

At Atlas Supply Company, we carry a range of TOTO commercial products, including commercial toilets, automatic faucets, and more. Interested in using TOTO plumbing supplies for your next commercial build? Contact us.

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Why Choose TOTO Commercial Products?

The TOTO brand is known for exceptional quality. With their high number of engineers, they are truly a leader in performance and water conservation. TOTO commercial toilets and TOTO automatic faucets are top-notch products built to withstand heavy use in high-volume bathrooms. We proudly carry a variety of these fixtures in our 95,000 square foot facility. If your commercial plumbing project requires a reputable name that delivers on function, style, and ease of use, ask us about TOTO.

TOTO Commercial Toilets

TOTO manufactures a wide range of ADA compliant, energy efficient, and high performing commercial toilets. Their toilets are quiet and powerful, offering innovative features and performance for high-traffic commercial bathrooms. All high-efficiency Flushometer models are designed to work with the TOTO High-Efficiency EcoPower Flush Valves, featuring low water consumption and siphon jet action.

TOTO Commercial Faucets

At Atlas Supply, we have provided TOTO automatic faucets for a variety of commercial projects all across St. Louis. TOTO’s EcoPower sensor faucets are operated entirely by hydropower, so no external power source is needed, and no wiring is required. That means easy installation and low-cost maintenance. Plus, TOTO’s intuitive Smart Sensor technology ensures accurate user detection and rapid water disbursement.

Learn More About TOTO

In addition to commercial toilets and faucets, we also supply a large number of TOTO residential products. Learn more about our residential products—perfect for our residential clients.

At Atlas Supply Company, we stock and source commercial plumbing products from TOTO, as well as a broad range of other vendors. To learn about more of our featured commercial plumbing vendors, click on the link below or contact us. Call 314-533-1500 or 1-800-777-ATLAS.

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