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Sloan Commercial Fixtures

At Atlas Supply Company, we are a master distributor of Sloan valves, fixtures, and brass goods and parts. We have a long-standing relationship with this highly reputable brand, and one of the most vast offerings in the region. Interested in using Sloan commercial fixtures, flush valves, and faucets in your next commercial build? Contact us.

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Why Choose Sloan Commercial Fixtures?

Sloan is a longstanding brand in the plumbing industry. They have maintained a solid reputation over the years, starting with the invention of the innovative Royal® Flushometer over 100 years ago. A leader in both durability and water efficiency, Sloan’s motto is “Quality first. Green always.”

Flush Valves, Electronic Faucets, and More

Sloan offers both manual and sensor flush valves for commercial toilets, urinals, and lavatories. Sensors can be battery-operated or hard-wired. Sloan flush valves are perfect for either new construction or retrofit applications, with plenty of options available to fit the specifications of your project.

Sloan electronic faucets can be battery-operated or hard-wired. Their line of Optima® sensor faucets has a longstanding reputation for reliability and efficiency. In addition, they also offer automatic soap dispensers, automatic hand dryers, and a host of ancillary products.

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Product Spotlight: AER-DEC® Integrated Sink System

The new AER-DEC system from Sloan is an all-in-one commercial sink with built-in automatic soap dispenser, sensor faucet, and high-speed hand dryer. The system can be customized for new or existing bathrooms—with different configurations, materials, colors, mounts, and design options available. The AER-DEC sink is an innovative solution perfect for high end commercial bathrooms.

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At Atlas Supply Company, we’re proud to be a vendor and stocking distributor of Sloan commercial fixtures and repair parts. We also stock and source commercial plumbing products from a wide range of other vendors. To view our full list of commercial plumbing vendors and products, click on the link below or contact us. Call 314-533-1500 or 1-800-777-ATLAS.

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