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B-Line Strut Systems, Fasteners, and Pipe Hangers

Atlas Supply Company is pleased to offer B-Line strut systems, fasteners, and pipe hangers for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. Contact us today if you are interested in using B-Line products in your next project.

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About B-Line Products

B-Line products provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for virtually all types of support applications. Here at Atlas, we are pleased to represent the following product categories from B-Line:

  1. Strut systems
  2. Fasteners & fixing systems
  3. Pipe hangers & mechanical supports

B-Line strut systems

We provide all varieties of B-Line strut systems, including:

  • Channel nuts, u-bolts, ATR and hardware
  • Mini-strut system
  • Strut channel systems
  • Back-to-back channel and welded configurations
  • Beam clamps and accessories
  • Concrete inserts
  • Electrical accessories
  • Fiberglass channel and fittings
  • Pipe clamps and accessories
  • Slotted angle
  • Strut fittings and accessories

Fasteners & fixing systems

At Atlas Supply Company, we focus on the Spring Steel Fastener line of products, which can be used for a broad range of applications. B-Line Spring Steel Fasteners are manufactured for attachment to steel beams, metal studs, purlins, and more. They are designed with labor-saving solutions in mind, helping to ensure lower cost of installation for your customers.

Pipe hangers & mechanical supports

Atlas is proud to support B-Line pipe hangers and support equipment for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. B-Line is a leader in the manufacturing of pipe hangers and support products—including pipe clamps, beam clamps, pipe rollers, pipe supports, concrete inserts, and brackets. Many of their designs allow for slip-on or snap-on use, easy adjustments, or no tools required.

Learn More About B-Line

At Atlas Supply Company, we stock and source B-Line strut systems, fasteners, and pipe hangers for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. We also offer a large variety of commercial plumbing and piping products from other vendors. To view our full list of vendors and products, click on the link below or contact us. Call 314-533-1500 or 1-800-777-ATLAS.

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