Atlas Plumbing Supply was founded by two brothers, Ben and Fred Suffian, in July of 1937. Being plumbers by trade, the technical part of the company was an easy venture for them. The business side was something they had to learn. Soon after the inception of the firm, World War II began and the availability of materials to sell deteriorated. To further delay Atlas’ development, Fred was drafted in the spring of 1944 and did not return until the winter of 1945. Since it was a sellers market at the time, Ben spent much of his time traveling the country in order to procure material.

From 1946-1950, the business began to develop. Unfortunately there was another halt in material availability with the onset of the Korean War. After 1953, however, business began to boom. Atlas did not have the funds to rapidly grow the company, (it was founded on $5000.00 of borrowed money in 1937), but its owners were able to establish the firm in the residential market in the early 1960’s.

Fred’s son, Mike Suffian, came aboard in October of 1959, Ben’s son-in-law, Harry, joined in 1960, and Mike’s brother, Bob, joined the team in 1962. The business continued to prosper, and in 1960 Atlas procured the Ruud Water Heater distributorship. In 1965, the company became an American Standard wholesaler. From then on Atlas diversified into the commercial segment of the industry, while maintaining a position in the residential market.

In 1973, Bob and Mike, along with the Weintrop and Stone families purchased the business from Fred and Ben. In 1979, Atlas changed locations; the company moved up the block to accommodate a 95,000 sq ft warehouse. In addition, the Suffian brothers bought out their partners. Since then, Joel and Leigh Suffian, Mike’s children, and Brent, Bob’s son, have joined the company. Atlas Plumbing was eventually changed to Atlas Supply, to promote the industrial side of the business.

Many of Atlas’ present customers are 2nd and even 3rd generation clients. The company feels very lucky to have such a strong and loyal customer base, and regards it with great respect. Atlas values all customers, both old and new, and strives to maintain and enhance these relationships on an ongoing basis.

Atlas places its employees in a very special category. Many have been with the firm for over 25 years. The combination of knowledge and dedication that these individuals exemplify has allowed the company to withstand the test of time.

Atlas has always stood for truth, honesty, and respect. It embraces its roots and remembers its past, while it keeping a keen eye on the future.